Majestic AME Awards are live

The event that will gather more than 200 young creative leaders of tomorrow. Majestic Holdings Ltd, a Northampton based organisation is hosting the Midlands Arts, Media, Music and Entertainment Awards in Milton Keynes on Saturday 02 December 2017. The Majestic AME awards are based across the above-mentioned categories and will be looking at nominees from across the entire UK Midlands region. 

The Majestic AME Awards, pronounced (AME’s), are being hosted within the Midlands to recognise outstanding achievements made by young people aged between 16 - 40. The Awards are aimed at raising the profile of the Midlands as well as supporting the nominated individuals through tailored support sessions based on their needs, to improve their chances as a visionary. 

These awards are not just about the recognising the winners, they are about empowering and creating a platform for all the nominees and inspiring the next generation of visionary leaders,” says Majestic AME Awards Founder Charles Chavi.  In the Midlands, it is anticipated that 60% or more of startups or SME’s are started by young creatives between the ages of 19 - 40 however, these creatives do not always receive the support they need, The Majestic AME Awards aim to bridge this gap. 

These awards are set to take the Midlands by storm and truly create a platform for creatives within the region through the support of local businesses, press and private investors - The Majestic AME awards are going to create unimaginable opportunities for people. 

Majestic Holdings Ltd is a social enterprise company based in Northampton, with the focus on supplying arts & entertainment services as well as business consultancy services to start-up & SME organisations. 

Press Enquiries Contact:

Linda Thebe
Marketing Manager
Majestic AME Awards

01604 384984