At the heart of our operation is honesty, transparency and accountability. We have also incorporated the same principles into our judging process. 

To ensure that we operate a fair and robust voting process we have put into place our judging criteria. The stages of nominations and dates are outlined below. 

  1. Nominations submitted - Closed
    • The public will be able to nominate as nominees as they wish in the various categories. Each nominee will be required to submit their biography along with a sample of their work.
  2. Nominations screening - Completed
    • The nominations will be screened by the awards committee who will review each individual nominee and create a shortlist of 4 nominees per category. The screening will be based on the entry criteria, nature of work, frequency of work and profile of work. 
  3. Nominee Vetting - Completed
    • The nominees will then be shortlisted into a vetted group of 4 nominees per category. 
  4. Voting - Friday 20th - Friday 17th November
    • The general public will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite nominee. 
  5. Committee Review
    • The nominees will then be reviewed based on the quality of biographies submitted and satisfaction of entry requirements. The committee alongside a set panel will then review the nominees and select a winner. 
  6.  Results - Saturday 2nd December 2017
    • The results will be announced during the live show at the Jurys Inn Milton. To buy your tickets please click here

If you have any questions or any ENQUIRIES regarding our judging criteria please feel free to email the awards COMMITTEE chair here.