• Photographer of the year
    • A picture speaks a thousand words. The nominees for this category will need have a portfolio of photographs from various events (public or private) that can communicate a message within the image.
  • Graphic Designer of the year
    • The nominee must demonstrate the ability to create and manipulate designs. The nominees need to show innovation in the designs they produce and must show originality.
  • Blogger/ Vlogger of the year
    • The nominee will demonstrate the ability to create new and fresh content that engages an audience. Bloggers should have a following on their blog and writers for other platforms should have regular readers/ viewers. The nominees will need to present 3 pieces of original content that has been published which shows creativity, engagement, relevance and originality.
  • Videographer of the year
    • The nominee will demonstrate putting their skills in directing, sound management and editing footage for entertainment or events. The nominees will have content they have created and follow a clear and creative narrative throughout.